How does my super choice impact my taxes?

For many Australians, superannuation (super) is a bit of a mystery. While we all know it’s important for retirement, the finer details can be confusing. One such detail is how your super choice can impact your taxes. Let’s break it down.

The Basics

Generally, your super choice doesn’t directly affect the amount of tax you pay. This is because contributions are made before tax, reducing your taxable income. However, your super choice can influence how much tax you pay on your super down the track, particularly when you retire.

Here’s why:

  • Super Fund Fees: Different super funds charge different fees. Lower fees mean more money stays in your super, growing over time and attracting less tax on investment earnings.
  • Investment Performance: Super funds offer various investment options with varying risk profiles. These can impact your returns and ultimately the amount of tax you pay on them.
  • Taxable vs. Untaxable Components: When you access your super in retirement, part of it may be taxed and part may not. Choosing a super fund with a good track record of tax-effective investing can minimize the taxed portion.

Beyond the Basics

  • Consolidation: If you have multiple super accounts, consolidating them into one can reduce fees and simplify your tax affairs.
  • Salary Sacrifice: Salary sacrificing allows you to contribute extra to your super before tax, further reducing your taxable income. However, there are contribution limits to consider.

Taking Action

  • Compare Super Funds: Research different super funds, looking at fees, investment performance, and tax effectiveness.
  • Talk to a Financial Advisor: For personalized guidance, consider consulting a financial advisor who can help you choose the right super fund for your circumstances.


Your super choice is a long-term decision. By considering the tax implications, you can ensure your super is working as hard as possible for your retirement.

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